Raging Bull Casino Review 

Raging Bull Casino Review 



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Raging Bull Casino Review 




Last updated on 01/20/2023
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Last updated on 01/20/2023

Stockbrokers use the term “bull market” to indicate a period of growth in the marketplace. That is the time when everyone is making money. It is no wonder that a casino should choose the bull as its symbol. But Raging Bull Casino Online is as temperamental as its namesake.

There is a lot to unpack in this little online shop of gambling, from the games you can play to the ways you can pay and get paid. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. What we need to look at is how easy this casino is to use and how good it is at getting you to your games.


Registering at Raging Bull Casino is easy. It takes no more information than you would use to sign up to any other social media platform. Just be aware of your state’s online gambling laws when you fill out your street address. In some state, online gambling is not allowed.

However, in other states, online gambling is simply heavily taxed. Of course, you should be honest about where you live. But also remember that people move around all the time.

Raging Bull Casino Bonuses & Promotions

One of the things people overlook the most when signing up for an online casino like Raging Bull is the codes they can use. You get $50 of coins to use on games at Raging Bull Online Casino, but they are not given to you automatically. The way this bonus works is that you have to use a code to claim them. But there are little to no restrictions on how you use them.

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That code is 50NDB, with the NDB standing for “Raging Bull Casino no deposit bonus”. This will get you started playing even if you do not deposit anything into your account. But that’s not the only bonus. 

You can also get a hold of another code: STARTER350. This code will give you a 350% matching bonus on your first deposit. It will also give you free spins on one of their games. It is worth noting that you can only get one of these bonuses at a time. Since the starter bonus requires a deposit, you can’t have it active at the same time as the no deposit bonus.

Regardless of which code you choose to use, submit them to the cashier to claim them. 

Bonuses for Every Day of the Week

Another thing that new players miss out on are the bonuses that the casino offers every day of the week. These are easy to miss out on, as they have specific conditions to use them, only happen on one day, and they require a code to be entered in order to activate them.

On Monday, you can get 100% cash back on any game. There is a $100 limit to this, but any gambler will tell you that a deal like that is basically being given $100. The code you need for this deal is MATADOR, and it is redeemed at the cashier like the others.

On Tuesdays the casino will give away three bonus coupons, as well as 25 free spins. This does not require a code.

On Wednesdays you get a 77% bonus on three deposits. This is a very peculiar one, as it requires you to enter the code 777BULLS at the cashier, and then deposit money in your account. You do not have to make three deposits, but you will get the most out of this deal if you do. So, if you plan to deposit $10, instead deposite $3 three times.

Then there is the Thursday bonus, which is the most complicated one since there is a high degree of variance to it. There are three “bullseye match bonuses”, wherein your deposits are matched if you deposit a particular amount. Get all three and you are gift 75 free spins. 

And lastly there is the weekend bonuses. These are not set in stone, but instead encourage you to play actively from Friday to Sunday. On top of cashback and deposit matching bonuses, you also get access to tons of free spins on any game that you want. Some of these can be free spins on slots, while others are Raging Bull Casino chips that can be used on any game.

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The Games at Raging Bull Casino

Having the right games is the backbone of any good online casino. Raging Bull Online Casino has a huge number of games, though the variety of games is only above average.

What do we mean by that? Well, there are about 250 games at Raging Bull Casino. Some of them you might have seen elsewhere, but most of them are unique to Raging Bull Casino. Of course, a vast majority of them are reskins of other games with essentially similar rules.

That means you will have access to video poker, slot machines, table games like blackjack and roulette, as well as many others. In short, it is difficult to list them all due to how many there are. All of the major archetypes of casino game are there, however. Which begs the question: How are they different? Well, that basically boils down to theme, rules, and what money they take.

Let’s go over each type of game available at Raging Bull Casino and examine what makes them unique, as well as the stand-out versions of each game.

Video Poker

Poker is a staple of casinos and one of the most popular “skill games” of any casino. Raging Bull Online Casino entices people with variation such as Double Poker, where all calls are doubled, and Double-Double Poker, where all calls are doubled twice.

Featured alongside these is Joker Poker, a version of poker featuring a joker wild card. This one card does two things: First, it changes the 52-card deck into a 53-card deck, adjusting the odds of any given hand as well as throwing off many card counting algorithms. The joker can also be used as a replacement for any other card in the deck when it is in your hand.

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That mean means if you have a hand that is missing just one card for a royal flush, then a joker card can fill in for that missing piece of the puzzle. This helps players who are new to the game compete with people at higher skill levels. For that reason, some players dislike this variation.

But between the high roller options and the modified rules options, there is a version of video poker available for everyone. You even play with real people, allowing you to incorporate psychology into many of the games of video poker Raging Bull allows you to play.


Online slots have become the primary reason that many players seek out particular gambling sites. Part of the reason for this is that while the gameplay of slots is simple, the rules of slots are far more diverse than one might think. Most of the time it comes down to how they distribute and measure probability. Let’s briefly go over how this works.

A game of slots, like Mermaid Queen or Storm Lords, will have a set number of slots between three and seven. Then, it will have a set number of symbols. Different games have different symbols in different frequencies, with variance so great it is hard to describe without numbers.

The best way of putting it is that most games of slots will have ten symbols that can possibly occupy each slot. However, some might have up to twenty, though that is rare. And of course, there are slots where a great many symbols repeat. Some symbols will increase your winnings, or at least go neutral, while others might reduce them. That’s what you need to watch for.

Keep a close eye on how a game of slots calculates winnings. If there are a lot of repeated symbols that take away your money, then the chances of losing money are higher. Sometimes they will include things like a progressive jackpot rule, which means that every time you play and do not win anything, your jackpot builds, incentivizing you to play even more.

The most popular slots offered by Raging Bull Casino are Paddy’s Lucky Forest, PayDirt, small fortune, and Goldbeard.

Table Games

While these have long been the hardest to replicate in online casinos, advances in user interface design have made it far easier for online casinos to operate these games.

The main focus of Raging Bull Online Casino’s table games is blackjack. There are three forms of blackjack: Suit Blackjack, Pairs Blackjack, and normal Blackjack. Normal blackjack is exactly what you think it is: You get two cards, and you have a choice to get another, trying to get to 21 without exceeding it. There are two interesting layers to Raging Bull’s blackjack though.

For one, it is not multiplayer. You are playing against the house, which is completely automated. Some players are wary of completely automated games. Blackjack, however, stands out due to being so clearly skill and probability based. You can see when you are near overreaching.

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Suits Blackjack and Pairs Blackjack are not that different. Each one includes the option to bet on your initial pair of cards being of the same suit or a pair, respectively. This bet is independent from the bet you place on the main part of the blackjack game too.

They also have roulette, and it is even European roulette. While normal roulette is fine, the advantage of European roulette is that it lacks the 0 and 00 spaces on the wheel. As a result, there are basically no bad bets on the roulette wheel, just smaller bets than others. Obviously there is still an element of chance and the risk of missing completely, but it’s smaller.

This makes their table games limited, but still focused and skill expressive while being easy.

Raging Bull Casino’s Deposits and Withdrawals

We mentioned earlier that one of the interesting things about Raging Bull Casino is that they take multiple forms of currency. The primary fiat currency the casino deals with is the American dollar. But they will also allow you to play and collect winnings in the form of cryptocurrency.

This does add another layer of complexity to the process of making your account, but it is actually not that much deeper than normal currency. When you are taking your winnings in cash, you will need to connect your bank account so that you can wire transfer your money. This is basically required for you to make any sort of deposit anyways.

You can do all of the same things with cryptocurrency as well. But rather than tying in your bank account for deposits and withdrawals, you will be tying in your blockchain application. Just be aware that not all cryptocurrency is supported. The main currency you can bet and win in Raging Bull Casino is Bitcoin. Though some games do support others like Ethereum. 

You should be warned, however, that Raging Bull Casino does have slower withdrawal speeds than other online casinos. There are a lot of reasons for this, but the main one is security, particularly around crypto transfers. Luckily, you can confirm the status of any deposit or withdrawal by making use of the casino’s support team.

Support Team

Which makes this a great time to talk about what the support team for Raging Bull Casino can do for you. Way back when we were talking about the deals and codes that the casino had to offer, you might have been wondering: Where does one get those codes? Well, the support team is 24/7 and they have info on all the deals you need.

That means whether you need Raging Bull Casino free chips or another Raging Bull Casino no deposit code for 2023 or later, they can help you.

They can also help you track how your deposits and withdrawals are going. This is critical, as one of the most common reasons people leave online casinos is because a wire transfer is taking too long in one direction or another. 

When you call to talk to them about your transfer, ask for the number associated with your transfer. You can also ask for email confirmation of the transfer. Since the transfer is associated with an actual bank record, they will be able to provide you documentation that confirms it. This will ensure that you know how long it will take.


Users are somewhat mixed about Raging Bull Online Casino. On the one hand, they love the great variety of games. Everyone is looking for that one online casino where they can go to play anything, and for a lot of people this is the one.

On the other hand, the most common user complaint is how slow it is to transfer out your winnings. We have brought up this issue when discussing both withdrawals and customer support. The reason we emphasized it is that, generally speaking, the casino is trustworthy. The transfers are slow, but they are also easy for you to track.

In short, Raging Bull Casino is a great online casino with tons of games that allows you to both bet and win fiat currency alongside cryptocurrency. You just have to be patient with it and keep a close eye on the deals and documents involved in making money on there. As long as you go in with both eyes open, it is unlikely to make you rage.

FAQ’s Raging Bull Casino

Yes, Raging Bull Casino will accept USA players. Just be sure to look at their terms and conditions to make sure that someone of your age, in your state, and of your financial status is allowed to play.

Raging Bull Casino is as safe to play for real money as any other casino.

Yes, the no deposit bonuses at Raging Bull Casino are available when you first make an account. Just claim the code “30NBD” at the cashier.

Yes, though again this is by casino standards. Registering on the site requires no more than your name, address, date of birth, and phone number. Depositing money to use in the games requires a few extra steps, such as connecting your bank account and verifying it.

Yes. Unlike many online casinos (and real life casinos) Raging Bull Casino accepts deposits whether they are from a debit or credit card, or those that are wired directly from a bank account or cryptocurrency wallet.

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