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As the developer of popular 5-reel slot games, Play’n Go has a solid reputation for creativity and design. Speed Cash, one of their 3-reel games, still matches up to their high expectations. Speed Cash – or Speed Cash if you want to adhere to their cheesy nom de guerre – is all about fast cars, dollar bills and that lovely sound of a purring engines. It also includes a progressive jackpot that keeps growing.

Speed Cash is a simple casino game that is just like any other casino game in terms of plaY. There are 2 rows of reels, 1 payline and 3 symbols on each reel. As with most 3 reel slots, the title’s paytable is hidden behind the reels and reveals the various payoffs that can be won when matching symbols are achieved. Simple enough, right? Well, it is. Still, our review should provide you with all the information you need to know about the high-paying game.

How to start the game

Speed Cash is a very low cost slot machine because the coin value is fixed at 0.25 and you can bet up to 0.75 per spin. Considering that you might not want to risk much on a free or courtesy spin, this is definitely for lower stakes players. Plus, the bumper progressive jackpot can lure high rollers in with a splash as you set your bet using the controls at the foot of screen and also choose to play 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 auto spins. Sometimes you’ll hear tyres spinning and engines revving- this is because the soundtrack dictates what sound it should play. There’s a mute button too if you get sick of the sound!

As mentioned before, Speed Cash runs off of a progressive jackpot network. So if you want to know how big the cash prize might be, don’t forget to look in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You have to gamble at a high enough stakes to stand a chance of winning the jackpot

Players should definitely place three coins on any gamble with a three-in-line (i.e. red cars). You’ll regret it if you only had one or two when you win and could have easily invested more. Just for fun, let’s compare how much your bets will be worth depending on which numbers you choose. With three coins you can win up to 94.12% of what you bet, but if the lucky number pops up twice then the return-to-player is only 87.92%.

Stacks of Coins and Gold Bullion

The icons on display in the game are all related to the concepts you might expect to find in a casino. This is refreshing a compare to other slot games which often have as many as four, five or six playing cards on display, sometimes making up half of the possible symbols. We don’t do any of that. You’ll find our range of symbols includes a fancy red car, stacks of banknotes… and piles of silver coins. The car is the most valuable of all, paying out a progressive jackpot for three in a line – if you’re playing with three coins. Three? That’s all you have to do. Land three coins, and you’ll win 1600 points; land three single coin, and you’ll receive 800 points. That’s not to say you must land three cards to make a win. It’s possible to win with two (6, 12 or 18 credits) or even one card (2, 4 or 6 credits).

Red cars are one of the top symbols in the game, which is why they’re wild. They act as stand-ins for any other symbol that you can form a line with and help you win.

As other icons, three gold bars pays 400, 800 or 1.200 coins if you have one coin to three coins respectively. Three money stacks pay 40, 80 or 120 coins when the player has one coin to three. Three piles of silver pay 15, 30 or 45 when they have in the same proportions. Sometimes landing the same symbol on more than one reel is worth money, for example when coins show up on the first reel and banknotes are to be found on the second. You’ll take home cash if you also have gold bars running across reels three and four. The sum will be six if you’re playing with one coin, 12 if you’re playing with two coins and 18 if you’ve got three coins in the pokie. As a result, this slot machine has pretty regular wins.