Last updated on 01/18/2023
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Last updated on 01/18/2023

For those seeking an alternative to the lotto, we suggest you try your luck at Jackpots, offered online casinos. Winning millions is not guaranteed but having fun while trying is key. 

Progressive jackpots are games played on slot machines, and rewards accumulate into hefty sums that go into a general pot. The entire cash pot will be yours if you are the lucky winner. 

So are you up for the challenge beckoning to you? If yes, get started by looking at the best gambling sites offering jackpot games. When you find the online casino of your choice, create an account and take advantage of all the available promotions. 

This guide outlines details about how to play jackpot games, what to expect when playing, and the categories of jackpots with the best real money prizes.  

Continue reading for more details. 

Benefits of Playing Casino Jackpot 

Gamblers are always looking to win and to win big; for this reason, they are constantly creating new accounts at online casinos to try their luck at the jackpot games. 

Advantages of playing progressives and jackpot games at an online casino!


      • Jackpot results are randomly generated. Winning is highly dependent on luck and chance. 

      • The greater the bets players wager, the better their chances of winning that jackpot! 

      • Several games have Jackpots attached to them, such as slots, poker, blackjack, and roulette.

      • Some slot games require the player to place a maximum bet to win a jackpot.

      • Mega Moolah is the largest jackpot of all time, with $21.7 million.

      • The RTP for jackpot games is 98.6%. These are games such as blackjack, craps, or baccarat. 

      • Even though progressive jackpots carry enormous prizes, they only pay a few times, whereas the winnings for  Non-progressive games are smaller with a higher RTP. 

      • Players can claim deposit bonuses and use them to play progressive games.

      • VIP programs allow gamblers to earn points on many games they play.

    The Best Casino Jackpot Games at Our Favorite Sites

    Let us look at some of the best jackpot games at our favorite online casinos!

    Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe

    jackpot cleo


        • Game Type: Slot 

        • Theme: Egyptian

        • Scatters and Wild Symbols: Yes

        • Paylines: 25 

        • Bet Per Payline: fixed at $1 

        • Volatility: High

        • Software Provider: RealTime Gaming

      Miami Jackpots

      miami jackpots


          • Game Type: Slot 

          • Theme: Party

          • Scatters, Wilds, and Multipliers: Yes

          • Volatility: Medium 

          • Software Provider: RealTime Gaming


        Lost Symbols

        lost symbols


            • Game Type: Slot

            • Theme: Egyptian and Adventure

            • Details 4 reels; three, three columns, 20 pay lines

            • Volatility: Medium

            • Software Provider: Microgaming

            • RTP: 95%

          Vegas Heaven

          vegas heaven


              • Game Type: Slot 

              • Theme: Las Vegas

              • Details: 5 reels, pay lines, 2 Super Drop Jackpots

              • Volatility: Medium 

              • Software Provider: Concept Gaming

              • RTP: 95%

            What to Expect at Top Jackpot Online Casinos 

            This review will illustrate the decision behind our choice of the best online jackpot casinos. Each casino that made it to the top of our list was judged according to specific factors. 

            These are the factors we considered while researching each website.

            Sign up

            Every casino on our list holds a legitimate gambling license from the most reputable licensing authority in the casino industry. 

            Therefore, when customers sign up for these casino websites, top-rated security measures are in place to protect their Personal Identifiable Information (PII). In addition, casinos use safety software to protect all personal and financial information gamblers share with the site.

            Customer service

            All top-rated casinos should provide 24/7 Customer service via live chat and can be reached 24/7 through a toll-free phone. An email address is also essential, as well as a FAQ page.

            Customer Care representatives are expected to maintain a high level of professionalism, be pleasant, patient, and willing to help customers find answers and resolve issues related to the casino.  

            Payment Methods

            It is always a great idea to have options in life. The same goes for payment methods at online casinos. Many people are into cryptocurrency, so we see every top-rated casino offering this payment option to customers. However, some customers prefer to stick to traditional payment methods like MasterCard and visa, which are also available. 

            Another important factor we should mention is that the payout processing at these casinos is swift and hassle-free. 

            Mobile Friendliness

            The websites and games of all the casinos that made it to our list are accessible on mobile devices via a casino app, iOS or Android device browser, and downloadable version. Players can use Google Play or the App Store to download the app. Now gamblers can enjoy winning real money games while moving from the comfort of their mobile devices.  

            The RNG, or  “random number generator,” is a computerized gaming software utilized by casinos to produce unexpected game results every time. This way, casinos can not be accused of rigging the games, and the RTP will be high.

            This system allows customers to have more confidence in their casinos. 

            The Biggest Jackpot Ever Won

            Anything is possible. Players frequently win gigantic jackpots, and we are sure that others will continue to do so. You never know; you may be lucky to covet a spectacular prize from one of these casinos someday. 

            How Casino Jackpot Games Work

            If you are a newcomer to the casino/gambling world, we understand that this may be the first time you have heard about Jackpot Games. You are in the best place because we will explain Jackpot games.  

            A percentage of all a gambler’s bets go into the pot when they play a progressive jackpot game. They may be playing slot machines or even high-stake blackjack games. Still, the type of game does not matter; every player who wagers will have a portion of their bet sent to the pot. Thousands of bets mean wagers will accumulate to create a massive jackpot quickly.  

            Playing a jackpot game is as easy as playing an ordinary table or slot game. 


                • Step 1: Choose the amount you want to wager.

                • Step 2: Spin the reels to match the symbols. 

              Casinos generally payout jackpot winnings at specific intervals, whether hourly, daily, or weekly. Every jackpot deal has a timer that indicates the time left before the big draw.  Hot Drops Jackpots are the perfect example of the type of jackpot game which the characteristics mentioned earlier. 

              Jackpots that pay out hourly are usually tiny because there needs to be more time for bets to accumulate.  Players can take advantage of these small ones or patiently wait for the gigantic jackpots. 

              Most jackpots are similar, players need to line up a select number of identical symbols, and you will have a winning hand. It is the same for slots; try to match several images, earn bonuses, wild cards, or pictures, or spin the wheel to claim the jackpot. 

              Suppose you are successful; the next step is to claim your funds. The methods used to deposit and withdraw funds depend on the casino. Some online gambling sites may process and pay the entire winnings at once or may set withdrawal limits, leaving the customer with no choice but to withdraw small amounts at intervals. It is vital to read the terms and conditions before playing.

              Following the above, you will need to pay your taxes. Uncle Sam will automatically claim  24% of your jackpot winnings before allowing you access to the remainder. If the income is above $500,000, the federal tax rate is 37%. Any additional taxes are your responsibility. 

              Some states, such as California, Florida, Washington, etc., allow for tax-free, whereas the New Your tax rate is 8.82%. North Dakota is 2.9%. 

              The Best Bonuses To Claim When Playing Jackpot Games

              The chart below consists of the best bonuses offered at various casinos. These bonuses are specific to fixed and progressive jackpot games. Using these bonuses will allow you to maintain a constant supply of funds in your bankroll for placing bets and ultimately hitting the jackpot.  

              Types of Casino jackpots

              Online and land-based casinos offer a wide selection of Casino Jackpots. These real money games may be non-progressive, meaning there is one consistent large jackpot prize. Progressive Jackpots vary from time to time. The Random Number Generator technology determines when the jackpot ends. Standalone jackpots are individual slot machines. They are not connected to other casino units, hence the term standalone. The jackpot prizes for standalone devices are usually smaller and remain consistent for all spins; however, the rewards for each machine may vary.

              Standalone progressive jackpots are a group of slot machines linked to each other. These progressive jackpots may be owned and operated by a single gaming company. Players can frequently win bigger jackpots at these slots.

              Wide Area Progressive Jackpot

              Wide area jackpots are those that offer life-changing prizes. It is almost impossible to win these prizes. 

              In wide-area jackpots, big jackpot slot games are combined with more minor ones and provided in a specific casino. The goal is to give gamblers a chance to play for the minor jackpot and get the opportunity to win the bigger one. 

              This jackpot consists of portions of bets from various casinos operating in different locations. Ultimately, it does not matter where the jackpot winner is located; the reward is the same. 

              These jackpots are known by other names like “must-hit-by” jackpots or “mystery progressives.” 

              Customers can win Mystery Progressives without winning a combination. The casinos will program their RNG to start the bank with a particular reward amount and the time at which the jackpot must end. 

              Hot Drops

              There is a new type of jackpot slot called Hot Drops. Ignition Casino, Bovada, and Cafe Casino are now offering this new fun-filled game. 

              How do you play Hot Drops Jackpot? 

              When playing these slot machines, players can hit the jackpot Hourly, Daily, or Weekly. Games have individual timers, and there is a particular time when the chances of winning are very high. If a gambler is lucky enough to combine the correct symbols in a reel, they will be allowed to spin the prize wheel. Spinning the wheel determines the jackpot prize.

              Tips for Playing Online Casino Jackpots,

              In reality, there isn’t much a player can do to increase their chances of winning Jackpot games because a machine randomly generates the results. 

              Players are advised to consult the terms and conditions policy to familiarize themselves with betting limits, rollover requirements, game rules, payouts, etc. 

              Looking at the house edge can also help players determine their chances of winning. If the casino has a high house edge, the player is less likely to win, but their chances increase if the house edge is low, their chances increase. 

              Here is a list of the types of jackpots players should be aware of before playing. 


                  • Multiple Slots

                  • Network Slots

                  • Fixed  Slots

                  • Progressive Slots: Progressive Standalone Slots, Progressive In-House Slots, and  Wide-Area Jackpots.

                The size of the prizes will depend on the type of game. So consider which one of the games you want to play before making a final decision.  

                Gamblers can also benefit from setting limits to the amount of money they intend on wagering and being diligent and committed enough to stay within their budget. 

                FAQs About Online Casinos Jackpots 

                FAQs are great for troubleshooting questions before considering other options like live chats and emails. Here we have compiled some common questions about online casino jackpots and answers. 

                Yes, it is safe for customers to gamble at online casinos. Every top-rated casino is fully licensed by a well-recognized licensing authority that regulates gambling operations in that jurisdiction. Online Casinos must follow all safety protocols that are imposed on them. Some security measures are there to protect the casino, e.g., Know Your Customer (KYC) and Personal Identifiable Information (PII), while some preserve the customer, e.g., SSL encryption. 

                  • Customers can access games using mobile devices, iOS and Android.
                  • Customers can download the casino app and play while on the go.
                  • Real money bonuses are always available to keep players’ bankrolls from drying up.
                  • Online Casino Jackpots come in various variations, and gamblers are offered many real money games, e.g., poker, blackjack, slots, etc