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Casino Nova Scotia

The casino opened a temporary location in Sheraton Hotel Halifax in 1995. In 2000, it moved to a $100-million brand new, “Vegas-style” facility downtown Halifax waterfront. It is owned by Great Canadian Gaming.

At Casino Nova Scotia, you can find over 750 ways to gamble! You’ll find Blackjack, Baccarat, and slots in a casino that’s just steps from the Halifax waterfront. Whether you’re looking for entertainment or something to eat, Casino Nova Scotia has it all.

Casino Nova Scotia

Location: 1983 Upper Water Street Halifax, NS B3J 3Y5 Canada

Phone: (902) 425-7777


You’ll love the atmosphere of this Dooly’s. There are a lot of tables and a lot of space so you won’t feel like you’re interrupting someone else’s game. The staff behind the bar are really friendly and would talk your ear off if you gave them the chance.

The pool tables and other equipment are in perfect condition. The location definitely prides itself on providing a quality service. You’ll have a really fun night there. You got to play some pool, catch up with old friends and the prices are decent. Definitely recommend this place to all light gamers that want a good vibe and environment.


Location: 3129 Kempt Rd Halifax, NS B3K 5N6 Canada

Phone: (902) 455-2538

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