Best Blackjack Games For Free In New Zealand 2024

Online casino games are in demand these days because they allow people to play popular casino games like Blackjack at any time and from any place. With the convenience of being able to do so whenever you want, it’s easy to see why these games are popular right now!

If you’re into playing free blackjack on the internet, this article will help you out. Here you will learn about all the rules and some tips for a good blackjack game experience.

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Tips to find the best Free Blackjack Casino in 2024

There are lots of new online blackjack platforms out there to choose from. This is mostly good for players who are only interested in playing every now and then. However, if you’re playing for money often and want the thrill of quick cash, it is important to identify which platform suits your specific needs.

However, if you want to play free blackjack for real money and win, you need to learn the rules. Although blackjack may seem simple at first glance as it’s an old game, there are many unexpected nuances that make it more complex than you might think!

All internet blackjack websites are different. Some are better than others while some should be avoided completely. You also need to know which websites offer the best terms and which ones have the worst offers available.

If you want to get the tricks and strategies for playing free blackjack online and figure out which platform is best, you’ll need to do some research. All of this info can be found in this article.

Blackjack Rules

The best part of blackjack is that unlike other games like poker, it has a very easy-to-follow premise. The traditional game is played at a table with from 2 to 7 players and uses a 52-card deck with one to eight decks.

All cards that have numbers on them are of equal value, with the exception of face cards. These are worth 10 points but can be worth 11 if you need it more. Aces can also be worth 1 or 11, depending on which is more advantageous for you.

  • 1

    At the start of every round, all players must place their ‘bet’ (which would be according to which one of the betting positions they are on). Once the bet is set, the players are then given 2 face-up cards. This will allow them to know what cards they should be looking for. For example, if you had a 10 & a 5, you would be looking for 6-8-9-10.

  • 2

    If the dealer is on their left, then each player has a chance of drawing more cards. They can either choose to “stand” (not take any more cards) or “hit” (take one more card). After that, players have two options; to “hit” again or do nothing and stay where they are.

  • 3

    Players can say “hit” as many times as they want, but the goal is to make sure they don’t exceed the number of cards they hold in their hands. If they bust, they forfeit their bet.

  • 4

    When it’s the dealers’ turn, they can either hit or stand. If your hand goes over 21 (that’s where you bust), then you win your bet and the dealer pays double that amount to you.

  • 5

    If the dealer does not go bust and reach a valid hand, the number of cards the players hold will be totaled. There are three possible scenarios:

    • If the player’s total card value is higher than the dealer’s, they will win their bet back and an equivalent amount from the dealer’s bank.
    • If the player’s card has the same value as the dealer’s, then they only get back their bet. It works slightly differently than if you tie in a game of rock, paper, scissors because you will always win with a pair of twos.
    • If their card is less than the dealer’s, they lose the round.

It’s cool that blackjack isn’t only luck. There’s also a strategy involved in determining whether to “hit” or “stand.”

Betting options that are available during the game

Blackjack players have plenty of betting options to choose from. These include the following:

  • Surrender logo


    You can always surrender if you feel like the cards you have aren’t worth fighting for.

    Sometimes when a player surrenders, they’ll be forfeiting half of their money and their game will be over. However, this option is only possible in certain tables and can only be used as the first decision you make.

    Losing half of your bet might sound wasteful, but it’s best to fold after losing a few rounds rather than going all-in with a bad hand.

  • Split logo


    Laver is when two hands are created from the starting hand, which have equivalent values. Each hand will be paired with another card, allowing a player to have two starting hands. There must be an additional bet on the second hand to do this.

    The two hands are played independently. Some casinos only allow splitting when the cards are of the same rank. Here’s an example scenario:

    A player’s hand is dealt with two cards numbered 10. In that case, they can choose to make a split bet. However, if the card they receive is also 10, which has a value of 10, then they would get a free card. If the player receives a four, then they must place their wager for the split and will now be dealt another one-card hand.

    Some casinos don’t allow doubling or re-splitting certain wagers. It’s important to look for the rules for that particular casino before you place a bet because those rules can vary from one place to another. To split the bet, you have to put in an additional chip next to it – and this should be placed outside the betting box. Your hands should make a V shape.

  • Double down logo

    Double down

    Double down is the best option when you need another card and double the bet. Just add another bet to your old one. In some games, you can increase the bet amount by less than 100%. Non-controlling players get one card regardless of whether they double their bet or not.

    You have to place an additional bet beside the original one to signal for a double down. Place it on the outside of the betting box while pointing one finger.

  • Bet behind logo

    Bet behind

    The wagering option in blackjack is a bet on another player’s hand. It is commonly used at online blackjack tables that are full. Still, it’s available regardless of whether you’re playing on the computer or in a physical location. Wagering is also offered as an alternative to doubling down or splitting your cards.

    If you want an easier and more flexible game, then you can try this betting option. It allows you to join in on the game without worrying about where your seat is.

    The downside with these games is that you can’t really control the strategy since it fully rests on the other player. You either have to try to watch them or just make wild guesses.

  • Insurance logo


    When the dealer has an ace in their hand, a ‘take insurance’ icon will show above the table. To take insurance all players must lay half of their current bet amount. This action can only happen when it’s the first player’s turn to bet.

    The house has a 2-1 payout when the dealer has blackjack.

    In most cases, the dealer will take an insurance bet right when they look at the face-down cards. On the other hand, in some casinos, it depends on what happens during the hand.

    If a player has more than one hand in a face-down poker game, they have the opportunity to look at all their hands before placing an insurance bet. This is the only time when players can see more than one hand at once.

    Aside from the dealers, players can also play in insurance bets. However, note that insurance companies will lose out because they have to pay out more in the longer run.

10 Different Blackjack games online casinos may have

Like classic casino games like poker, free blackjack also has its fair share of regional variants. In Hong Kong, this includes:

  • 1

    Classic Blackjack

    Traditional free blackjack is what you usually see in casinos. The game uses 8 decks with 52 cards shuffled together. The first card is dealt with the player, and then the dealer draws one card up from their own hand before flipping up their second card for a strategy decision.

    In this variation, the dealer will not receive a whole card. They have to hit with a total of 16 or less, including soft 17 because the ace can be either 1 or 11.

  • 2


    Pontoon is a card game from the banking family that first popped up in Britain. It’s essentially Blackjack. The game is played with 2 to 10 players and for at least 20 rounds before the game ends.

    In the 17th century, it was first played in Spain. However, it became popular throughout Europe during the late 18th century. It even made its way to the US during the 19th century.

    This game is played with a French-suited pack of 52 cards, so the jokers are not included. The value of each card is as follows:

    • Ace = 1 or 11
    • Court Cards = 10
    • Pip card = indicated value

    When a player is dealt a court card (jack, queen, or king) and an ace, they’ll get a score of 21 aka “natural Twenty-one” or “pontoon.”

    Pontoon is a card game where the dealer is decided by whoever pulls the first jack. The remaining players then bet on these limits- for example, if the lower limit is 2 and the upper limit is 11, bets would be placed at 2 or higher but not less.

    In Pontoon, the dealer has the option to double their stake by not looking at their card. If they get a second card and it’s a pontoon (i.e. specific combination), they need to say so right away.

  • 3

    Progressive Blackjack

    Progressive Blackjack is a game that uses the progressive wagering system. It’s relatively new on the block and has only been around for a few years, since 2010. Progressive Blackjack has quickly taken the gaming world by storm in terms of popularity and is now played around the world. The progressive betting system’s aim is to help players increase their chances of winning. A player needs to place a minimum bet, but if he wins, he will receive an amount higher than the minimum bet that was placed.

    Progressive betting keeps jackpot values growing the more you play. It was mostly used for slot machines, but it’s started to become popular again at online casinos.

    When playing free Blackjack, progressive wagering is usually in the form of a ‘bad beat jackpot’. This is when you bed – or the number of hands you need to lose to get one – is decided based on a set standard rule. It’s an extra bet that you place on top of your full game bet. In Blackjack, you have the progressive jackpot which is awarded randomly.

  • 4

    Spanish 21 Blackjack

    Masque Publishing Inc., a gaming publishing company based in Colorado, owns the blackjack variant, Spanish 21. The unlicensed version can be referred to as “Spanish blackjack.” An unlicensed version of this game is popular in a few different countries, but it’s often referred to by the name “Pontoon” in Malaysia and Australia. That’s because those are the first two countries where it was released.

    • This game is played on a blackjack table, but the rules are slightly different:
    • The game uses 6 or 8 cards from a Spanish deck of 48 cards that are dealt from a continuous shuffling machine or shoe.
    • The dealer will receive a whole card.
    • This table game is a lot like Blackjack, the dealer plays with 17s and the rules are generally very similar to Blackjack if you bet. Except that you can split up to 4 hands, so it’s even more fun!
    • Some casinos allow players to surrender after doing a double down if the dealer does not have blackjack.
    • Holding a hand with a value of 21 means a player wins.
  • 5

    Perfect Pairs Blackjack

    The Perfect Pairs Blackjack is a played by betting on the chance of receiving a pair as the first two cards. Players can only play perfect pairs blackjack if they wager on it. You’ll want to do it when you are dealt a 7 & 3, for example.

    In this scenario, players have to place 3 bets. They can either place a traditional blackjack bet or they can place a perfect pair bet, which is when they have 2 of the same card.

    The perfect pair blackjack payout is as follows:

    • Mixed pair (with same value but different color)= 5 to 1
    • Colored pair (with same value, different suit, different color) = 12 to 1
    • Perfect pair with same value, same suit = 30 to 1
  • 6

    Blackjack Switch

    Blackjack Switch was patented a few years ago and has been gaining in popularity. It’s a variation of the standard Blackjack but instead of playing with 1 hand, each player is dealt 2 cards. You get to switch between the two hands before moving on and hopefully end up with a better set of cards for increased chances of winning!

    The origin of this Blackjack variation is quite an interesting story. Geoff Hall was frustrated because he had 2 weak hands, but if only the top two cards could switch, these would become stronger. Asked for permission to make a small change to the rules, he got it and managed to balance out his odds. He invented the idea, presented it at a conference in Las Vegas and then it was installed in Harvey’s Casino. The year after that, it was modified for Four Queens.

    This variation of Blackjack is played with different card combinations. There’s 4, 6 and 8 52-card decks mixed together and dealt out by a machine or shoe with cards.

    The table layout for this variant is the same as standard Blackjack, with the exception of having 2 betting boxes instead of 1 per playing position. These two boxes have to have identical wagers, but they are separate hands that can be either high or low. The box that the player can afford to lose is called the “plum” and the box that a player must win is called the “black”. The payouts for this game are 5 to 2, but if a player has 2 black boxes, their payout will be 1 to 1, with a possible tie depending on the players seated at the table.The payouts for this game are 5 to 2, but if a player has 2 black boxes, their payout will be 1 to 1, with a possible tie depending on the players seated at the table.

    During the first deal of cards, the dealer will put one card facing up in every box from left to right. Once the side bets are established, the dealer will ask all the players if they want to switch.

    Once everyone has had a turn, the dealer will have to play too. They have some different rules, though – they’re not seen as beaten if they have a hand of 22 and instead it’s just enough to tie another player’s hand. However, there is an exception to this. When the player’s Blackjack is not from a split or switch, then they are done with the hand. Now, you’re probably wondering what a typical Blackjack game would look like.

  • 7

    Multi-hand Blackjack

    As opposed to the standard blackjack rules, multi-hand blackjack does allow players to have more than one hand and with this comes more bets & more jackpots. Multi-hand blackjack is one of those variations you might want to try.

    The Blackjack rules are the same as usual and is available with a twist. Players are able to have multiple hands in one game which makes for some interesting tactics. One example would be hitting on 17 and then making a side bet that pays out 3-2 if successful.

    These aren’t the only reasons why people like these games. It’s not always required for the bets per hand to be equal. These games are considered independent from one another, but people still love them?

    Some casinos prohibit surrendering while some allow it if the dealer gets an Ace. The specific rules can differ from one casino to another, so it’s important to check before starting play.

  • 8

    Chinese Blackjack

    Chinese Blackjack is also called Xi Dach in Vietnamese, Ban-luck in Hokkien, Kampung Blackjack in Malaysian, and Ban-nag in Cantonese. It’s a blackjack variation typically played in Southeast Asian countries. This game is usually played during Chinese New Year because there’s good luck that comes with this time of the year.

    The game uses 2 decks of 52 cards and can be played with as many players as you want. One of the players will be the dealer, or they can choose to take turns later on, depending on what’s decided by the players. The dealer will deal out all of the cards in a single stack face down and then shuffle them to create a single pile. The dealer then flips over the top car , and the player to the left of the dealer will be given a card. It is their job to select the top card from that pile and place it face up in front of them before picking a card from their own hand.

    The Chinese variation of the game of Mahjong is different from the traditional Americanized version. In the Chinese variation, there are no melds and a player does not need to discard when they cannot make a new match. The most notable difference in the rules is that if a player has 5 cards and remains unbusted, that player can choose to either keep those cards or reveal their hand.

    The winning condition for this variation is as follows:

    • Any combination with a value of 21
    • Unbusted after 5 cards dealt
    • Unbusted after and a card value of 21
    • Tiple 7

    In this variant, there are no rewards for pairs. Some houses can also require players to reveal their busted hand so that opponents can gauge whether they’re bluffing or not

  • 9

    California Blackjack

    The California Blackjack in Los Angeles has some unique table rules. They were invented in 1989 and since then they have been updated a couple of times. This player-banked variant is very similar to traditional Blackjack but you need to be in LA’s casinos to play it.

    • The deck consists of 53 cards, alongside one joker each.
    • One of the best hands you can receive is two aces and one joker. If you are dealt this hand, you have to immediately say so.
    • If you have 2 jokers in your hand and the dealer doesn’t, you get a 2 to 1 win.
    • A 10-point card and an ace will count as 21 points, but it’s no better than another 21-point hand.
    • The Joker card is considered a wild card, so it doesn’t matter what it is paired with, it will always be worth 21 points.
  • 10

    Bonus Blackjack

    Blackjack is a game that you might find in an online casino, and this variation is one of the many different versions. This version has wagering based on whether a player has a natural blackjack rather than just the number of cards dealt. Other wagers are placed when it comes to dealing as well.

    Bonus Blackjack is a version of blackjack where you bet on either the player, the dealer or both. If you win, you get a 15-1 payout (this is different from the traditional game).

Benefits of Playing Free Blackjack Games Online?

One of the reasons free BJ games are so popular is because they have tons of great benefits (e.g. ).

  • No Deposit
  • Safe
  • Practicing Different Strategies

Free Blackjack vs Real Money Blackjack

Free Blackjack

Icon Check GreenPros

  • Your commitment to play for fun
  • You can play without signing up
  • One of the great things about options is that if you change your mind you don’t lose any money. You can try different strategies and eventually find one that suits you

Icon Close RedCons

  • Limited variants available
  • You can’t get any bonuses or promotions if you don’t have an account

Real Money Blackjack

Icon Check GreenPros

  • You can win money. The prizes vary, but a lot of times they’re big
  • You can be eligible for promotions and bonuses
  • You can now play Blackjack on a bunch of different sites

Icon Close RedCons

  • Signing up, verification, and everything in between can do a number on you.
  • If you lose, you’re risking losing money.

The Best Blackjack Strategy to Play if You are the Beginner

Nobody becomes a professional Blackjack player overnight; It takes years of experience and practice to achieve that. But, the hardest bit is always starting. A lot of beginners struggle and get discouraged when they start out. If this is your case, don’t worry you’re not alone. Finding your own strategy and sticking to it might help a lot.

The most popular strategy for blackjack is to learn the best ways to hit, stay, double down and split. By doing so you can reduce the house edge by about 1%, which boosts your chances of winning. If you can reduce the house edge by 1% you should have a 50-50 chance of winning!

Here are some blackjack tips that’ll make it easier to use your strategy. Things get hard when you start deviating from the basics so be smart and stick with these.

  • 6thbullet

    Start Small

    You don’t want to play all your chips the moment you sit down at a poker table. Wait for a few hands first to assess how the dealer is doing. A good strategy is to look out for whether they’re on a hot or cold streak. These streaks will affect your chances of winning, so keep an eye on them

  • 6thbullet

    Pay Attention to the Dealer’s Up Card

    Always looking at the dealer’s up card before taking any action is a good habit to get into. It can give you a sense of what kind of hand he’s been dealt as well as what kind your hand can be.

  • 6thbullet

    Avoid the First Base Seat

    We can’t have too many dealers rushing, so it’s important to avoid sitting first. Instead, go down a little – this’ll give you more time to figure out the most promising bet for your next turn. You can also take a bit longer to figure out your move against the dealer’s upcard.

  • 6thbullet

    Don’t Fall into Gambler’s Myths

    Blackjack is different because other players don’t make decisions that affect you. Unlike in poker and other card games, they’re not your opponents but rather, it’s the dealer who is. So don’t listen to what they say and just stick to the basic strategy.

Top 10 Online Blackjack sites 2023

The biggest factor that will affect your online blackjack experience is the site you choose. Find a reputable site that’s perfect for you, since they’re not all created equally. Most casinos nowadays focus on slots and poker but if you want blackjack games too, it’s important to find one with both.

Top tips to win at Blackjack game

Winning a free or real money blackjack game is not only based great on luck alone. There are also best practices that will help increase your chances of winning. Take these tips for example: Not comparing cards, betting conservatively, and carrying multiple cards.

  • check-mark

    Master the Basics

    Don’t even think about playing Blackjack if you don’t know the basics. The only difference between their rules and the standard game is really small, so there’s a high chance you won’t be making too much money if you aren’t knowledgeable about it.

  • check-mark

    Learn When to Quit

    One of the biggest mistakes many players make is continuing to play even when they’re on a losing streak. Not quitting out of frustration will cause you to lose more often. It’s hard, but know when to get off the losing train. It’s easy enough to spend time thinking about what went wrong and all of that, but take a break and do something else for a few hours before you dive back in.

  • check-mark

    Manage Your Bank

    Playing blackjack can be super fun and addictive, which can lead you to keep risking your cash. When this happens, it’s time to get some help. It’s just too easy at times for people to go beyond their means and come up short.

  • check-mark

    Don’t Play When Intoxicated

    Blackjack is a great game where you make decisions quickly. However, it can be quite hard to do so when you are intoxicated. It is best that you take every precaution and make sure that you are well-rested and in sound mind.

Counting cards in Blackjack

Counting cards is illegal in many casinos. Anybody caught doing this on the casino floor will get thrown out. So, what exactly is it?

The basics of card counting typically involve the Hi-Lo strategy. Cards are given specific values, with high cards (A, K, Q) getting a -1 value and low cards (2, 3) getting a 1 value. When a player is dealt cards, they mentally note the assigned value of each card that they are dealt, allowing you to have a better chance of guessing the house advantage when you get your next hand.

Counting cards is easy to do, but it’s unfair because blackjack is meant to be a game of luck. Casinos need to make money so they don’t want people playing too well! Luckily you can still enjoy online blackjack games which use computer programs which are automated.

Playing Blackjack on your mobile device

One of the best advantages of online Blackjack is that you can play on your phone. This is even better once you know it only takes one click to get started! All you need is a phone with internet access and you’re good to go.

The rules and regulations of online blackjack mobile apps are usually the same as the web version. Just make sure to take a look before playing to prevent discrepancies.

Here’s what you need to know to play Blackjack on a mobile device:


  • 8thbullet

    Download an app for a blackjack casino you can play on your phone.

  • 8thbullet

    Create an account on the app and sign in

  • 8thbullet

    Verifying your account might take a little while, but just be patient and it’ll happen eventually. Once that happens, you’ll be free to play

Most people use their phones to play online blackjack, and that’s usually a good thing. Instead of choosing real money games or practice sessions, you get to have both! If you choose to, you could always spend your time refining your blackjack skills with your mobile.

What is Soft and Hard hands in Blackjack Games

If you are new to blackjack, you might have come across the terms “soft” & “hard” hands before. So what do they mean?

If you get an ace dealt to you when playing blackjack, the game gives you a hand that has a value of either 1 or 11. The high card’s number means that you can choose which value the card is worth based on what hand your dealer has.

On the other hand, a “hard” hand refers to cards dealt that don’t have an ace. This is because the value of the cards you hold is fixed. So if you’re dealt a king and a heart of 10, they only count as 20 points on their own.

Getting that ace on your hand is important and that’s why many people try to get cards with it. A single card can make a huge difference for the winning chance. However, you don’t automatically win just because you have a soft hand. You will still need to put in strategy to beat the other players at the table and the dealer.

Blackjack FAQ’s

Can online blackjack games be rigged?

Sometimes online blackjack can be rigged to make casinos a little bit of money. That’s why it is important not to play at any site that isn’t completely transparent about what the games and methods are.

What is the safest bet in Blackjack?

There is no such thing as the “safest bet” in Blackjack because every option comes with its own risk that changes based on the cards you’re dealt.

What are the advantages of playing Blackjack online?

Playing blackjack in online casinos comes with a number of advantages. You get more rewards + bonuses, bigger payouts and it’s much more convenient since you don’t have to leave the house to do so.

What is multi-hand Blackjack?

Playing double-deck blackjack is a fun way to invest your time and money. You can bet two hands at once, though depending on the casino, there will be either equal or varied bets for each hand.