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Candy Jar Clusters


96.08% | 95.03% | 94.07%



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1 in 149

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“Candy Jar Clusters Slot Machine” captures the essence of the delightful and vibrant Candy Jar Clusters slot game. From the first glance at its interface, players are immersed in a colorful world reminiscent of the most irresistible candy shop, where each symbol is a treat waiting to be matched for potential wins.

The game presents a playful and brightly colored grid, abundant with various candies that must be aligned to trigger wins. The interface includes special feature icons such as “WILD,” “FREE SPINS,” and a “JACKPOT” jar, hinting at the exciting possibilities within each spin. The presence of a “BUY FREE SPINS” option suggests a fast track to bonus rounds, offering players a strategic choice to enhance their gaming experience.

Candy Jar Clusters Review – Gameplay Explained

In the Candy Jar Clusters slot game, players are treated to a sentimental rush with a 7×7 grid and a cluster pays mechanic, reminiscent of popular games like Candy Crush. This game removes the traditional payline system and rewards players for forming clusters of six or more adjacent matching symbols. 

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Candy Jar Clusters takes the familiar and much-loved mechanics of match-3 games and cleverly integrates them into a slot format. Instead of the traditional pay line approach, this game utilizes a cluster pay mechanic where players win by matching adjacent symbols of the same type. 

These symbols must touch either vertically or horizontally, creating a cluster. It’s a gameplay style that promotes a visual feast of cascading symbols, offering an intuitive and satisfying gaming experience that echoes the addictive appeal of games like Candy Crush.

Sweet Symbols

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The reels of Candy Jar Clusters are a cornucopia of vibrant candy and fruit symbols, each bursting with color and character. Players can expect a mouthwatering array of symbols, from juicy fruits like kiwi, plum, watermelon, and citrus delights to indulgent treats like cupcakes, pink donuts, and regal crown chocolates. Each symbol type represents different payout levels, with grand candies and wild gumballs standing out as the most coveted icons. Smaller candies like the mini blue candy and jelly offer more frequent but smaller wins. Special symbols, such as the free spin hearts, add an extra layer of excitement, unlocking bonus rounds with even greater sweet rewards.

Spinning & Cascading

In Candy Jar Clusters, the reels don’t just spin; they cascade. Therefore, when players land a winning cluster, those symbols vanish, and a new set tumbles down to take their place. This cascade can lead to successive wins and a thrilling potential for chain reactions. It’s a dynamic feature that keeps the game in a constant state of motion, with each spin offering the chance for an extended play sequence and multiplied wins.

Candy Jar Clusters Bonus and Free Spins

In the Candy Jar Clusters slot game, the “Jelly Jar Frenzy” is a sweet feature that offers players the chance to increase their win multipliers with each spin. This frenzy is triggered by collecting the scatter jars, part of the game’s bonus system. When these jars are filled, they unlock the Free Spins round, during which players can benefit from enhanced multipliers that can significantly boost payouts.

  • The Free Spins feature is activated at the end of a spin sequence (after all tumbles from a spin are complete) if triggered randomly.
  • When triggered, the Free Spins round provides 10 free spins by default. However, if a special Free Spins modifier is active, the player can be awarded a random number of additional free spins ranging from 11 to 14.
  • If the Wild modifier is active during the Free Spins round, between 6 to 12 Wild symbols will be placed in random positions on the screen at the start of the round for each free spin.
  • A new Golden Wild symbol can appear during the Free Spins round. When it hits, it adds a multiplier of +1x to a Wild multiplier and remains active for the remainder of the round.
  • If a Random Multiplier hits while a Wild Multiplier is present, they multiply together for potentially larger wins.
  • At the start of a Free Spins round with the Free Spins modifier active, additional free spins (1, 2, 3, or 4) can be awarded if the Extra Free Spins symbol appears.
  • For every 5 Extra Free Spins symbols collected, one Super Spin is awarded. Super Spins are played with all modifiers available and can result in additional free spins.
  • During Super Spins, all modifiers including Random Multipliers can hit randomly.

The “Wild Gummy Power” is another exciting aspect of the game where wild gumball symbols can substitute for other symbols to complete winning clusters. These wilds are not just replacements; they also trigger extra cascades, which means that the winning symbols disappear and new ones tumble down, offering the potential for a series of wins from a single spin.

Furthermore, the “Mystery Multiplier” feature adds a layer of surprise to the gameplay. At any point during the base game, a random multiplier up to 100x can be applied to wins after each cascade, further increasing the win potential. These multipliers can be 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x, 25x, 50x, or even 100x, making for some potentially lucrative payouts. Random multipliers can appear during any spin, and players can collect candy symbols in feature jars to trigger free spins with various modifiers.

For example, the collection of yellow candies can activate free spins with additional wilds, red candies may retrigger more spins, and green candies could lead to one of five fixed jackpots. The game’s maximum win is capped at 10,000 times the bet.

The free spins feature is particularly notable, as collecting different colored candies into jars can trigger various modifiers, including additional free spins and jackpots, leading to wins of up to 2,000 times the stake.

 Sweet Payouts & RTP

Candy Jar Clusters, a confectionery-themed slot game, boasts a payout structure that could make any slot enthusiast’s mouth water. The game operates on a cluster pay mechanic where forming clusters of matching symbols – ranging from fruits to sweet treats like cakes and jellies – could result in significant payouts. In this delightful title, it’s not just about the number of matching symbols; the size of the cluster amplifies your winnings, with payouts exponentially increasing for larger clusters.

The highest-value symbol, the cake, can offer a payout ranging from 0.5x to a sumptuous 500x your bet for the most extensive cluster possible. Notably, the game incorporates wild gumballs, which serve as wild multipliers. These symbols are not merely placeholders; they enhance winning clusters by substituting for other candies, potentially triggering extra cascades and, in turn, more wins. 

This cascade of symbols can lead to a series of successive wins, sweetening the potential payout pot with each tumble.

RTP is a crucial metric in online slots, representing the percentage of wagered money the game is programmed to pay back to players over time. With an RTP of 96.08%, Candy Jar Clusters offers a return slightly above the average, suggesting a fair balance between risk and potential reward. This figure indicates that, theoretically, for every $100 wagered, players can expect to receive $96.08 back in the long run, although actual gameplay sessions will naturally vary.

Candy Jar Clusters’ RTP is competitive when placed alongside the myriad online slots. Many slots hover around a 96% RTP benchmark, and Candy Jar Clusters’ slightly higher percentage provides an edge, potentially offering a more favorable long-term playing experience.

Visual Symphony & Sounds

Candy Jar Clusters offers a visual spectacle, combining bright and playful graphics that draw players into a whimsical world where candy isn’t just a treat—it’s the main event. The interface bursts with color, featuring animated cascades that add dynamism to each spin. 

The charming candy characters are not just static images; they come to life with each winning cluster, celebrating your victories with joyful animations. The attention to detail in the graphics creates a lively game environment that’s easy on the eyes and keeps players entertained.

Accompanying the vivid graphics is an upbeat soundtrack composed to keep the energy high and the mood light. The sound design complements the visual experience with satisfying crunches and pops that echo the candy-crushing action on the screen. When the symbols cascade down, the sound effects follow suit, enhancing the sensation of motion and adding depth to the gameplay. 

The auditory feedback for wins is particularly gratifying, with crescendos that signify the size and significance of your payout.


As we wrap up our exploration of Candy Jar Clusters, it’s clear that Pragmatic Play has concocted a slot machine brimming with delightful gameplay and sugary graphics. This game stands out with its cluster pays mechanic, animated cascades, and many bonus features that promise more than just a sugar rush—they offer the chance for substantial wins. 

The combination of eye-candy graphics and auditory treats, including the upbeat soundtrack and the satisfying crunch of candy symbols, creates an engaging and immersive gaming experience.

VolatilityVery High
Minimum Bet Per Line0.02
Minimum Total Bet0.2
Max Multiplier Win10,000
Bet Multiplier20
Maximum Total Bet240
Bet Per Line12
Total Bet240.00
Release Date12th December 2023
Game Symbolvs20cjcluster
Numeric ID1679474147
Game Format7 x 7
Has ReplayYes
Has Buy SpinsYes
Is Jackpot GameYes

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