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This is a time-traveling adventure to the land of the Pharaohs with “Cleopatra Free Slot Demo,” a game that marries the mystery of ancient Egypt with the thrill of modern slot machines. 

IGT’s latest offering invites you to explore a world where hieroglyphics and majestic pyramids frame the narrative of one of history’s most enchanting rulers. This expert review promises to guide you through the intriguing gameplay, lucrative bonuses, generous payouts that Cleopatra Slots offers, and an in-depth analysis of the game’s RTP and stunning visuals.

This slot is not merely a game; it’s a voyage through time boasting a generous RTP of 96.20%, draped in the opulence of Cleopatra’s court. With each spin of the game’s five reels, players navigate through 20 paylines of intrigue and excitement.


Number of reels and paylines 

In the grand halls of Cleopatra, the slot game by IGT, players are greeted with a classic 5-reel setup comprising 20 paylines that invite both the modest and the bold, with a betting range crafted to accommodate every level of risk-taker. The game’s mechanics are a testament to the rich tapestry of Ancient Egypt, where each symbol is steeped in historical significance and holds the key to royal bounties.

Symbols and their payouts 

Here’s an explanation of the values for each symbol as typically presented in the game:

  • The Cleopatra symbol is the game’s wild and substitutes for all other symbols except the Sphinx scatter. If one or more Cleopatra symbols contribute to a win in the base game or the Free Spins Bonus, that win is doubled. The Cleopatra symbol has a high payout value, offering 10 for a combination of 2, 100 for 3, 1000 for 4, and the jackpot of 50000 for 5.
  • The Sphinx scatter symbol is key to triggering the Free Spins Bonus and offers scatter wins. Any 3 Sphinx symbols will result in a win of 3, any four will result in 10, and any five result in a win of 2600. These wins are multiplied by the total bet.
  • The Eye of Ra and the Flail and Crook symbols, both staples of Egyptian iconography, have equal value. For these, five symbols on a payline result in a payout of 500, 4 symbols give 100, and 3 symbols award 25.
  • The Gold Pendant and the Scarab symbols also share the same value. These symbols pay 500 for five on a payline, 75 for 4, and 20 for 3.
  • The high cards (A, K, Q, J, 10, 9), decorated in an Egyptian style, represent the lower end of the paytable. These payouts range from 5 for 3 of a kind to 125 for 5 of a kind, with the Ace being the highest-paying card symbol.

Winning combinations and payout patterns

Cleopatra’s payout patterns follow the traditional left-to-right alignment, with the scatter Sphinx symbol being an exception, paying regardless of its position on the reels. The Free Spins Bonus, a cornerstone of the game, is triggered by landing three or more Sphinx symbols, with the number of free spins scaling with the amount of Sphinxes landed. During these spins, a multiplier increases by 1x with each spin, elevating the potential for a historic payday.

Bonus Features

Free Spins

The heart of Cleopatra’s treasure lies in the coveted Free Spins feature, invoked by the mystical Sphinx scatter. 

You are granted free spins when three or more of these age-old guardians grace the reels, escalating the potential for monumental gains.

Generous free spins with a multiplier 

With each free spin, the anticipation builds as an initial multiplier inflates your victories by one-fold with each consecutive spin. This generous multiplier blesses each win with a bounty worthy of the pharaohs. Nevertheless, this multiplier excludes those composed exclusively of Cleopatra symbols.

Potential for retriggering free spins

The possibility of retriggering free spins unveils an even grander spectacle. Should three or more Sphinx scatters emerge again during the bonus round, they bestow additional free spins, equal to the initial grant, up to a celestial maximum of 50 per bonus. 

Wild Cleopatra Symbol

Amidst these features reigns the Wild Cleopatra symbol, a beacon of prosperity. This regal icon stands in for others, crafting winning combinations across the sands of the paylines. When Cleopatra deems your spin worthy, she doubles the reward.

Payouts and RTP

In the grand saga of Cleopatra, the payouts are as monumental as the pyramids themselves. The payout table is a scroll of potential riches, detailing the worth of each symbol aligned under the watchful eyes of the gods. For instance, a line of five Sphinx symbols unlocks the enigmatic Free Spins Bonus and multiplies the total bet by 100 times. The mighty Cleopatra symbol reigns supreme on the payout hieroglyph, with five matching icons bestowing a royal sum of 10,000 times the line bet, making it the most coveted of all symbols.

Return to Player, or RTP, represents the percentage of all wagered money that a slot machine will pay back to players over time. It’s the oracle’s prediction, not a guarantee, but a mathematical average over many spins. Cleopatra  RTP ranges from 93.17% to 95.88%, a spectrum that, while below the Nile’s surface compared to the industry average of around 96%, promises a gameplay filled with the possibility of frequent payouts.

Graphics and Sound

Cleopatra is not just a game; it’s a time machine that whisks players back to the zenith of ancient Egypt. The graphics are a rich tapestry that captures the era’s luxury, with reels set against towering pyramids and the eternal sands stretching beyond history. Each spin animates the mysteries of a civilization long passed, with symbols that come alive in a dance of color and light.

The reels themselves are a pantheon of iconic Egyptian symbols. The enigmatic Eye of Horus watches over your fate while the Scarab, the symbol of immortality, rolls across the sands of the paylines. The Sphinx stands majestic, a keeper of secrets and scatterer of bountiful spins, while Cleopatra’s visage brings grace and the promise of riches to those deemed worthy.

Accompanying this visual feast is a soundscape that envelops players in the atmosphere of ancient temples and bustling marketplaces. The harp’s strum, the sistrum’s rattle, and the hypnotic melodies transport you to a time when the pharaohs ruled and the gods walked the earth. Every win is celebrated with the fanfare of trumpets, making each payout feel like a triumph bestowed by the gods.


Cleopatra stands as a towering testament to the enduring allure of ancient Egypt in the pantheon of online slots. With its rich graphics that bring to life the symbols of a civilization steeped in mystery and its melodious soundscapes that echo the opulence of the Pharaohs, this game offers more than just a chance at winnings—it offers an experience.

The game’s mechanics are the ingenuity of slots, from the Free Spins that multiply to the Wild Cleopatra doubling fortunes with a mere presence. The Sphinx Scatter promises bountiful spins and a multiplication of bets that could rival the treasures of Tutankhamun himself.

For those yet to tread the golden sands, the free demo play awaits unveiling the wonders of Cleopatra without the need for tributes. It is a chance to walk the ancient halls and learn the Nile’s secrets risk-free.

Trusted casinos await the brave souls ready to translate their demo prowess into the quest for real gold. Each offers generous rewards in the form of bonuses to those who seek the favor of Cleopatra.

Seek further wisdom by visiting the game developer’s sanctuary or consulting independent reviewers. And for those seeking to maximize their winnings, strategies abound to increase the potential for riches.

Cleopatra is not just a game—it is a journey, a challenge, and a history lesson wrapped in the veil of entertainment. The queen calls—will you answer?

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