What are Sticky and Non-Sticky Bonuses?

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Sticky and Non-Sticky bonuses will be at the front of the queue regardless of which type of casino bonus you are considering. But beware, they are not created equally, and some online casinos offer more than others. While we know about the different types of bonuses, with these being a matched initial deposit bonus, free spins, and in some cases no deposit bonuses. They will all fall into one of two categories: sticky bonus or non-sticky bonus.

CasinoRoom Bonus System Is A Non-Sticky Bonus

If an online casino offers non-sticky bonuses, then this means that when you reload your account with a bonus, you as a player will be able to withdraw any winnings made from your deposit. Without fulfilling any wagering requirements or bonus terms, you can do so by forfeiting the bonus, as long as you are winning with your cash.

This is possible because real balance and bonus balance are segregated and treated separately, not “sticking” together. Your bonus and wagering requirements will kick in only if you lose your initial deposit money, that’s when the bonus starts.

A Non-Sticky Bonus Advantage

As you can see it’s a huge advantage for the player, as you basically get a second chance to turn your luck around, this is why these non-sticky casino bonuses are called “parachute bonuses”. In the case you don’t win when you play with real money, the bonus money comes in to act as a parachute!

When playing with bonus money at Casino Room, you always have wagering requirements tied to the bonus. After meeting the wagering requirements, any potential winnings will be converted to real cash.

For example, You receive a €10 bonus, with a wagering requirement of 35, you will need to wager/play through €350 (10×35) in the casino.

Active Bonus Example

You deposit €10 into your Casino Room account and receive a €10 bonus with a wagering requirement of 35x.

If you lose your deposit, your bonus and wagering will kick in. Any money left after you complete the wagering requirements will be converted into real cash.

Wagering is counted only on your bonus amount, so in this case, you would have to wager €350 (35 X €10).

If you want to see how much bonus money you have in your account in Casino Room, or how much there’s left in wagering, just look at the figures at the top of the bonus page. If you wish to forfeit your active bonus, you can do so by clicking on the relevant bonus, you just need to make sure that you are winning with your cash.

Our bonus system gives you the freedom to choose what to do with your money and how and when you can cash out, this results in a much more enjoyable experience.

Sticky Bonuses

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    Sticky bonuses are more common than non-sticky bonuses.

    When you reload your account in an online casino that offers sticky bonuses, real balance and bonus balance are combined into one larger balance and locked together until the wagering requirements have been met.

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    Wagering requirements usually start with the first bet you make using the cash part of your balance, thus in sticky bonus systems, the wagering requirements are usually way higher, or disguised as industry standards 35x with the disclaimer, i.e. “bonus requirements are 35x (deposit plus bonus), which ends up being 2x the WR stated.

    Depending on the system used by the online casino, the winnings or a % of these will be merged into the bonus balance, even when you win with your cash, and subsequent bets will be taken from the cash part as well, in which case, if the casino offers the possibility to forfeit the bonus, you may be able to withdraw only a small part of your balance, regardless whether you won while playing their casino games with your cash or bonus.

Still Stuck?

Non-sticky bonuses are becoming increasingly popular with many online casinos because they allow you to choose how and when you can cash out your real money, without linking the bonus money and real money together. This gives you the freedom to withdraw your funds whenever you want.

Non-sticky bonuses are good for those who want to start playing, and regular players who want a good bonus to play a wide variety of games, be they Free Roulette, Video Poker, Online Slots, Blackjack, or Table Games. On the other hand, new players will find them great for finding their way around new releases or learning the ropes of a particular game, without having to spend more money.

One of the more popular benefits of playing with a non-sticky bonus is that you have a cushion to land on if you don’t win with your real money. This type of bonus is the only one allowed in certain markets and provides a way for players to enjoy a more stable stake. In the event that you do not win with your own money, the bonus cash comes in to act as a parachute!

The number one rule is to remember at all times to play responsibly and read the terms and conditions of the deposit offer that you will be using, this is the only way to find out if there are any strings attached.