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Last updated on 03/23/2023
The site, established in 2005. is committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity. To ensure fair and honest gaming, every game on our site has been independently tested and scrutinised to the most exacting standards.


Last updated on 03/23/2023

If you have been using an old-school bet tracker, you will agree that most of them require manual labor. In the old-school technique, you must manually put in the team, player, spread you’re betting on, the payout odds, and other stuff required by whatever sports bet tracker app you’re using. 

It can eat up your time, which makes betting less enjoyable.

This is the reason why you need an upgrade. You need a betting tracker that automatically inputs the details while providing you with picks, insights, and advice—best of all, something that is free. 

What is this sports bet tracker tool? Read on to find out more.

What is Bet Tracking

Anyone who dreams of becoming a successful sports bettor must know the best bet tracker tool and understand what bet tracking is about. 

How come? It shows statistics, so you can see and monitor what is happening in real-time. You can also make a comparison to the past stats.

Through bet tracking, you can get a glimpse of the whole picture. You can analyze the data and your bets to help you decide which betting strategies work and which ones you must discard. It will also help you develop new strategies and improve on the ones you’ve used before and are already familiar with.  

How Bet Tracker Works

Bet Tracker

Numbers are king in sports betting, and a bet tracker will make it easier for you to get the crown. This is something you have to master after learning the ins and out of bankroll management.

How does a betting tracker work? In essence, a sports bet tracker tabulates your betting history.

How you use a bet tracker depends on what kind of a gambler you are. Average types would only look into their bottom lines to track their bets, even when using a sports bet tracker.

Cameron Roberson

However, most people engaged in gambling do not want to be stuck as an average. They are the ones who use a bet tracking tool to improve their game.

A betting tracker works by keeping an account of your finances, allowing you to monitor mistakes so you can learn from them and go over your betting history. 

What Do You Need to Know About Line’s Bet Tracker 

Lines’ Bet Tracking is a free bet tracker app you can use as a betting tracker. It allows you to check the sports bets you’ve made in the past while keeping track of your current and future bets. 

This is achieved since the automatic bet tracker can sync with most major American sportsbooks, such as Barstool, Borgata, Fox Bet, PointsBet, Caesars, BETMGM, FanDuel, and DraftKings. 

Lines’ Sports Bet Tracker offers the following features:

  • Betting performance, statistics, and insights
  • Syncing of accounts to almost all major US sportsbook to track future, past, and present wagers in one app
  • Track your performance in the betting tracker by wager type or individual sportsbook
  • Show betting history of up to 5000 previously made bets, and filter results according to the period you’ve interested to know
  • Betting performance, statistics, and insights can be viewed via the sports bet tracker
  • You can use filters to choose between settled and pending wagers by date, bet type, or sport.
  • Access to every sportsbook account’s bankroll
  • No annual charges or subscription fees in using the sports bet tracker
  • The outcome for each leg of a teaser or parlay 

How do you start using Lines’ Bet Tracker? Take a look at the following: 

How to start tracking your bets

Before using the sports bet tracker tool, you will be prompted to link your sports betting accounts. This will allow you to track your betting performance.  

You must log in using your regular sportsbook credentials to link your account. This tool can track the return on investment and win percentage, regardless of sport or bet type. his is available now. Something along the lines of promoting responsible gambling by allowing you to set a loss limit that will prompt you when you have exceeded your set limit.  

The tool works by updating your account every 30 minutes. You can also turn on your email notifications if you want to get an email from your sportsbook each time your account is updated. 

You can finish linking your sportsbook account no matter where you are. However, you have to be in a legal state to start placing your bets. Once your account is linked, you can see your pending and previous bets. You only have to choose the state where you typically put your bets to link your account.


The Bet Tracker supports futures, teasers, parlays, straight bets, and prop bets for various sports. You can link your account to seven sportsbooks at the same time to monitor your bets. More sportsbooks are set to come out in the coming months.

Everything you’ve linked to your sportsbook, future bets, and previously placed ones is viewable at the website and IOS App.

It’s convenient and as easy as linking your account to get you set up. It’s free and doesn’t require a subscription. You can use the automatic bet tracking from and Lines Sports Betting App for IOS once you access the sports betting spreadsheet tool.

Included in the sports bet tracker settings are your basic information – the sports you’re betting on and where you’re betting. It will also check your odds type (e.g., American).

Deposits and withdrawals

The Bet Tracker lets sports bettors easily track the money they have put in and out of their betting accounts. You will also be able to view the free bets and boosted odds bets you placed. This enables easy tracking of the times you have rolled, so you can grasp when to withdraw the funds.

Available funds 

The information in this betting tracker tab includes your net winnings. Here, you can check how much you can withdraw whenever you want. But when you use a bonus offer, ensure you have followed the number of times required for you to bet the item before you can withdraw it.

Performance summary 

Bet Tracker makes everything easier since you can access the IOS app on your mobile devices. You only have to go to the tabs or the sports betting spreadsheet containing the needed information and manage or monitor the details you want to see. 

The Performance Summary tab in this betting tracker has all the vital stats you need to be able to study your past performance. It will allow you to assess your net profit and winning percentage in every domain. The stats quantify how you perform across bet types and sports.

Through this tab, you can gather ideas regarding your strengths and weaknesses, which will help you develop better strategies for your future bets.

Why You Should Start Now

There is no other best time to begin using a betting tracker, but now. It will benefit you as a gambler by making it easier to track your progress and learn strategies.

Some novice gamblers lose money because they do not bother monitoring their loss and gains. The Bet Tracker keeps you updated on your profits and losses, so you’ll have a better grip on your bankroll. 

This betting tracker tool will help you develop good habits as a gambler and will help you become better as you place more bets.

Sport Types Supported by Our Bet Tracker

You can place straight bets, prop bets, futures, and parlays to the sport types supported by the Bet Tracker. They include tennis, golf, auto racing, ice hockey, basketball, baseball, soccer, and football.

Bet Types Supported by Our Bet Tracker

Lines’ Bet Tracker supports a variety of bet types, including the following:

Straight bets

Straight bets pertain to a single wager a gambler makes on an event. This is also referred to as a single bet.


A parlay bet means making two or more bets that the gamble ties into a single bet. Depending on your region or sportsbook, you can be referred to as a multi or accumulator when you make this bet.


This kind of wager is commonly used in football or basketball betting. It gives you a chance to combine your bets on two different games. It’s like moving the point spread to your favor.


Futures bets, as the name implies, pertain to a decision that will happen in the future. They are typically placed on sports events predicting who will win the MVP, what team will bag the championship, and the likes.

Prop Bets

Prop or proposition bets allow gamblers to bet on an individual event or player, not the game’s result.

Bet Tracker FAQ

How to Link My Account?

First, you have to disable the Two-Factor-Authentication. Use your normal sportsbook account credentials to log in and start syncing. Once linked, you can reenable the authentication. This feature will be available soon. 

Do I have to be currently in a legal state to link my sportsbook account?

No. While you have to place your bets in a legal state, you can proceed with syncing and checking the Bet Tracker app anywhere you are.

Will picks be entered from the sportsbook link to my Bet Tracker?

Yes. You will gain access and view all the bets placed on, including the ones made in the past and future bets from the sportsbook you’ve linked.

Can I link multiple sportsbooks to my account with the Bet Tracker?

Yes. Currently, allows linking to up to seven sportsbooks at the same time using its betting tracker, but five more are lined up to be added in this action sports betting app, and even more, are set to come.

What sports are available?

Lines’ Bet Tracker currently supports tennis, golf, auto racing, ice hockey, basketball, baseball, soccer, and football.

What different types of bets are there?

The bet types accepted by the Bet Tracker include prop bets, futures, teasers, parlays, and straight bets.

Do I have to be a paid subscriber to use the Bet Tracker?

No. The app is a free service when you access the automatic Bet Tracking tool at

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The site, established in 2005. is committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity. To ensure fair and honest gaming, every game on our site has been independently tested and scrutinised to the most exacting standards.

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