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Online roulette games let you learn the game and its rules without risking any real money. If you’re looking to learn more about the game of roulette, then head here. Our article will teach you how the game is played and everything else you need to know about this popular casino table game.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to play roulette – you just need to place your bet on any number or part of the board and wait for the roulette wheel to stop spinning. You can’t influence the result of the game and all bets have a fixed return-to-player property, so you should adjust the type of bets based on how much volatility you want to see.

Instead of placing bets at random and spinning, you can use our strategies for roulette. One of our roulette strategies is to bet on the color red. We tried it with an array of bet sizes and had good results in the long run. Of course, you can’t rely on chance 100% but AI merchants beat the odds of a pure roulette game. The ticket is predefined and the players agree to “throw away” their stake if they win more points than their opponent since winning with more points is not possible.

We also wrote about some roulette scams, like Martingale. We debunked the arguments that this is a surefire way to win and “beat” casinos. Many of these strategies could cause you to lose everything if you blindly follow them. Feel free to try them out but don’t play with real money- read the article linked in the above sentence for more info.