Casino Bonus System Explained

Online casino bonuses can be a great way to get more from your gambling experience. They are essentially free money that casinos offer as an incentive for players to sign-up and play with them. You will need to provide your personal information. Things such as your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address in order to take advantage of this opportunity. Once you have created a new casino account on the site of your choice, they will contact you by email or text message with instructions on how to activate the bonus, sometimes with an online casino bonus code.

There are a few different types of casino bonuses that you will likely encounter. The first is the sign-up or deposit bonus. These are offered to new players as an incentive to create an account and make their first deposit.

This type of bonus is usually a percentage of the amount that you deposit. It can range from 50% to 200%. In Casino Room, when you open a casino account, you can take advantage of a generous 100% up to €1000, plus 50 Free Spins!

Why Do Online Casinos Give Bonuses?

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In a nutshell, online casino bonuses are incentives to encourage you to spend more money on their platforms. Sometimes, you’ll have to spend more money to claim what you’ve earned in the bonus. When this happens, don’t panic. If you realize that the bonus is beginning to lose its potential gains, opt out of it.

The greatest approach to take advantage of an online casino bonus is to regard it as a marketing campaign. You may make a lot of money out of your bonus (you might just as easily lose), but the casino will consider it an efficient means to entice new clients or retain long-term players on their site.

Say, for example, you make a few thousand euros betting on a particular casino with free bonuses. You’re likely to keep betting on the same site, raising the casino’s chances of recouping some of its losses. You could also tell your friends about the game, which will add more players to their player base. Telling your friends about it could also lead to you getting a refer-a-friend bonus.

How does an online casino bonus work?

An online casino bonus is an extra amount of money that you can play with when you start playing at a new casino. You can use it to try and win more than what you put in.

The way it works is that the casino will match a percentage of your deposit with a bonus. So, if you deposit €100, the casino might give you a 100% up to €100 bonus, giving you a total of €200 to play with.

It’s important to note that there are usually wagering requirements attached to online casino bonuses. This means that you will need to play through the bonus a certain number of times before you can withdraw any winnings.

For example, if the wagering requirement is 20x and you win €100 from your bonus, you will need to play through €2000 (€100 x 20) before you can withdraw the money.

Main categories of online casino bonuses

Welcome bonus

If you love playing at online casinos, then you will want to take advantage of a welcome bonus. Welcome bonuses are a great way to get more for your money and it doesn’t hurt that they come with free spins in Casino Room! However, not all bonuses are created equal and some of them might be better than others. The biggest is not always the best, and sometimes a small bonus can actually be a much better value than the larger ones. This is because welcome bonuses will always come with specific conditions that must be met, and these vary widely from one casino to another.

So what should we look for in a casino welcome bonus? What makes one different from another? Let’s explore some of the most important points:

  • Games available – One of the main things you should look for is the available games. If you want to play a certain game, you need to make sure that the casino offers it. Otherwise, you might be stuck with a bonus that you can’t use.
  • Wagering requirements – This is one of the most important factors, and it determines how much you need to wager before you can withdraw the money you win. The lower the requirements, the better.
  • Time frame – Some bonuses are available for very short periods of time after you open your account. In contrast, others remain available for as long as you maintain your account with that casino. Make sure to consider this when deciding where to play.

Reload casino bonus

A reload bonus is one of several casino bonuses that are offered to players who have previously deposited funds at a casino. This is one-way casinos show their appreciation to their loyal players by rewarding them with a bonus for continuing to play at the site.

A casino reload bonus gives players with an account at the casino a little extra. Otherwise, players might jump from one welcome bonus to another and never settle in one place. But if we occasionally get a little extra and get rewarded every time we deposit, it allows us not to have to shop around so hard for new casino bonus offers and new mobile casinos.

Casino reload bonuses exist in order to provide players who have signed up with a casino an added incentive. Often, players might be enticed by the prospect of multiple welcome bonuses from different casinos, but this can lead to them never really settling down in any one place. If occasionally we get a little extra for our loyalty and deposited funds, it saves us from searching for new casino bonus offers or other casinos.

A great example of a casino reload offer is available in Casino Room. Every Sunday and Wednesday, players can get a 50% reload bonus up to €50, so if you deposit €€50, you’ll get €25 extra, giving you €75 to play in total.

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No deposit casino bonus

A no deposit casino bonus is exactly what it sounds like – a bonus that does not require you to make a minimum deposit to receive it.

Let’s return to another sort of bonus for a second to grasp the no deposit bonus. When you make a real money deposit into your casino account after signing up for the first time and then making a deposit, you’ll often receive a match deposit bonus. This type of incentive provides new players with an added sum of money, or as it is sometimes called bonus money. It might be called a welcome bonus, a new player bonus, a sign-up bonus, or even simply a first deposit bonus.

The term “match deposit bonus” refers to a percentage of the deposit added to the player’s account after making a deposit.

When looking back at a no-deposit bonus, we can now understand that no deposit is required to qualify for the offer. In other words, you are not obligated to deposit any money into your account.

The major distinction between this bonus and a match deposit bonus is that all you have to do to receive the offer is create an account at the casino of your choice.

Loyalty bonuses

Some casinos provide loyalty bonuses to players who have attained a particular level of achievement at the casino. The bonus amounts and sorts may differ from casino to casino, and some casinos will not need a playthrough, or high wagering requirements to be met for you to receive them. You’ll generally need to fulfill a token condition to cash out these funds.

Free Spins Bonuses

Some casinos give away a free spins bonus on popular machines to new players – some gambling sites even provide these bonuses to existing users as part of a loyalty bonus. Casino Room, for example, offers 50 free spins alongside its generous welcome offer of 100% up to €1000.

Free Spins are also offered as a deposit bonus. A player makes a deposit, and in return, will receive a predetermined number of free spins on a particular set of casino games. Casinos will use this as a way to promote a newly released game or generate fresh interest in a poorly performing (for them) game. These “deposit-free spins” will be set at

Refer-a-friend casino bonus

The name of this casino bonus says it all! You will get a valuable reward if you introduce your friends to the casino. In most cases, this is extra money added to your account. The amount of money that arrives as a prize varies from casino to casino.

To qualify for this incentive, you must encourage your friends to mention you when they register. They might be prompted to put your username in a certain field or use a code they supplied you with when creating your own profile.

Different casinos have varying regulations concerning this, so contact the site’s customer support team if you’re not sure. This way, the casino will know that you were the person who spread the word. Otherwise, the casino would have no reasons to believe that you deserve the bonus. You risk losing your bonus if you do not meet the conditions laid out in the offer.

Typically, the bonus goes on your account when your buddy makes the initial deposit. This is done to stop scams from happening. Players could easily team up and then take the money from the casino. So they have to make sure that they can’t do this by making them make at least one deposit.

Cashback Bonuses

To ensure that players keep investing their money into their casino, cashback bonuses are offered as a way to compensate for losses. Cashback bonuses can come in the form of bonus money on the player’s account, allowing the player to continue playing without depositing more funds. The casino also tends to promote this feature to maintain a competitive edge and bring in more players.

Cashback bonuses are often used as a way for the casino to show its appreciation to the players. The bonuses are given in relation to how much money has been lost by the player. These bonuses will more often than not have a minimum and maximum amount payable as the “cash back” amount.

For example, in Casino Room, the most popular cashback bonus is 10% cashback on all games up to €200. This means you will receive a minimum of €5 (game loss €50), and a maximum of €200 (game loss €2000 or more) when playing any game on the Casino Room site. The cashback bonus is usually active for a set amount of time. Players will need to “opt-in” to qualify for the amounts specified. They are not as beneficial as no deposit bonuses, but they are still seen as a nice gesture on the part of the casino.

Tips for choosing the best casino bonus

When looking for an online casino bonus, it’s important to note that many offer bonuses to their players. These casino bonuses can come in various forms, but all serve the same basic purpose: to give you a better chance of winning. By increasing your bet with a bonus, you’re essentially giving yourself a head start in the casino. So before you choose a casino, be sure to check out what bonuses they offer and see which one is right for you.

Consider the terms and conditions

  • Most online casinos will tend to have hidden terms and conditions that you’ll need to read before you sign up. We recommend going through the important sections that could sway your decision.
  • Casinos bonuses are a great way to get extra playing money. But there are some important things you need to know before accepting one. Most importantly, you should be aware of the playthrough requirement, withdrawal limits, and any promotion restrictions. This information is not always readily available on the casino’s promotions page, so it’s important to do your research before accepting a bonus.
  • Some casino bonuses will have maximum bet limits. This implies that players may only wager a certain amount on each spin or round. Before enrolling in a casino bonus, read the terms and conditions to ensure that you receive an appropriate bonus for your needs.

Check the wagering requirements

  • Casinos want to make a profit, so they often have different wagering requirements that dictate how many times you need to play before you can access your bonus and withdraw it as real money. Usually, this is to make sure people don’t just take the bonus and run. You’ll need to play a bit first!
  • For example, some casinos will require you to wager 50 times the value of a bonus before you can access it. Though this might sound like a lot, it pays to remember that online casino games offer high return-to-player (RTP) percentages. So, meeting the wagering requirement is easier than if you were playing in a traditional bricks-and-mortar casino.

Look at how long the casino bonus is valid

  • The amount of time a player is permitted to utilize their casino bonus and fulfill the conditions for turning it into money varies from casino to casino. Online casino bonuses can come with expiration dates that range from a few short hours to months. Bonus with short durations of validity will push you to increase your stakes and wager more than you normally would, and so increase the risk of losing.
  • It does not make sense, for example, to win a €1,000 bonus but only have access to it after playing fifty times in 24 hours. Look for an online casino that offers a long validity period in which to play and use your bonus.
  • When choosing an online casino bonus, be sure to look for one that has a reasonable time frame in which you can play and access your bonus. This will ensure that you have enough time to enjoy your bonus winnings!

Check out the casinos’ reputation

  • The eligibility of a casino is determined primarily by its license. Reputable casinos are licensed by an authoritative government agency or a trusted independent body, and sometimes both. Always bear in mind the legality of the online casinos you’re considering.
  • A casino that is licensed and regulated means that your safety and enjoyment while playing are of the utmost importance to the casino. Some of the most reputable licensing organizations for online casinos include the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, Malta Gambling Authority, and UK Gambling Commission.

Be sure the casino games you want to play are included

  • One of the most important factors to consider before registering for an online casino is the games that are qualified for bonuses. For instance, if you want to play slots but the bonus is only offered for a poker game, you will not be getting much out of it. Some players make the mistake of using their bonus to play casino games they are not very good at or know how to play at all. This ends up leading to losses in online gambling.
  • Bonuses on online casinos benefit both casino owners and customers. The casino owners aim to get as many people as possible playing in their casino, and gamblers receive more money to bet or boost their winnings.
  • The bonus system on online casinos is a win-win. It’s in the casino owner’s best interest to have as many people on their platform, and it’s in the gamer’s best interest to have more money to bet with or get more winnings. The above viewpoints should help you make an educated decision when choosing a casino where you can maximize your winnings.


There are several reasons why players might choose to take advantage of compelling casino bonuses and offers. But, before committing, it’s important to be aware of the terms and conditions that come with each deal.

Some of the most popular casino bonuses come in the form of match-play money, cashback, and free spins. Before you choose which type of online casino bonus is best for you, there are several things that you need to take into consideration. This includes the terms and conditions and what games you might want to play with your bonus money. After all, if you pick the wrong game to play with your casino bonus money, you could lose it before winning it back!