Don’t Get Played: 5 Online Casino Safety Tips

The upside to online gambling and casinos and Online Casino safety Tips is this – it’s safer now than it’s ever been to play and win at online casino games. Fortunately for players, online casinos have made great strides in ensuring that their customers can have peace of mind while playing to their heart’s content. That’s great news for you!
However, like anything you do online, you can never be too safe. Doing your part to protect yourself will make a huge difference in your online casino gaming experience. From licences to protecting your personal information, here’s what you can do to ensure that you don’t get played while playing.

Read Our Online Casino safety Tips Before You Play

With over 2000 online casinos operating at any given time, it’s safe to say that their terms and conditions are all across the spectrum. From the rules and regulations to identity requirements for withdrawing money, make sure to read the rules thoroughly before you start playing.

Whether you’re going for a one-time jackpot or long-term playing strategy, it’s also important to choose a secured form of paying and receiving funds. Secured payment platforms such as Paypal work well in most cases.

Check the Licensing to ensure your casino safety

You’d be surprised at how many online casinos hold no license to take your money–this is also a good indication that you most likely won’t get your money if you win. It is vital to check out the licensing page of an online casino before you shell out your cash.

Most reputable online casinos will have an ‘About Us’ page with their licence number and address listed. Print out a copy of this information to protect yourself from unforeseen issues accessing their website. If it’s a credible site, they won’t be shy about letting you know their certifications, licenses, location and how to contact them if necessary.

Don’t Open Multiple Accounts

If you haven’t thought twice about opening multiple accounts with the same online casino platform, you should avoid this at all costs. Most online casinos have rules that can affect your winnings if you have multiple accounts under the same identity.

Also, online casinos may accuse players with multiple accounts of exploiting welcome bonuses and special deals so to stay on the safe side, have only one account per website.

Play for Free First

Who doesn’t love a free sample before they buy the real thing? It’s no different with online casinos. Most reputable casinos will have no qualms about allowing new players to try their casino games for free before making a financial commitment.

Trying out an online casino before financial buy-in will allow you to get familiar with the casino software, technical requirements and try out a few games before you settle on the one for you. If you’re new to online casino gaming, we suggest getting your feet wet before jumping in.

Ratings & Reviews

Online casino review sites like can be helpful for finding ratings and reviews for various online casino sites. With the influx of new online casino websites popping up on a daily basis, it is important to check on sites that have been blacklisted by review sites and online forums. When checking reviews, pay attention to:

• Customer complaints
• Suspicious software
• Defect in customer handling and support
• Rogue employees/players
• Missing or poor payment history

The world of online casino gaming is an exciting one but it’s important to perform your due diligence beforehand. The wrong move has the potential to have overarching effects that can be easily avoided by taking a few intentional measures prior to playing. As an online casino gaming site ourselves, the safety of our players is a high priority because without you, we wouldn’t exist. Learn more about what Casino Room has done to keep you safe online.